A construction service to develop the new building projects or complete refurbishments that we design. We work with highly qualified professionals in each of their areas. Our aim is to guarantee the expected result, taking care of the execution of installations, finishes and details.

Professional and efficient execution

We are specialists in the execution of works, both new construction and integral refurbishment. Since 2015 we have been working with the same verified construction companies to guarantee the correct execution of the projects we design.

This is because we know that a good project is meaningless if the work is poorly executed, and we want to ensure that our projects are carried out correctly, paying attention to both the more general parts such as installations or structure, which are essential for long-term comfort and functionality, and to the details, which are the most visible part and demonstrate quality work.

In an executed work, it is difficult to see the possible defects that it may have, and that will come to light in the medium or long term, when the space starts to be lived in. That is why it is very important to have professional advice and service from the beginning. In JPG estudio we are committed to our clients to offer the best quality and involvement in the work.

As main points or criteria that guide our work, and specifically our interior design projects, we highlight:

New construction

As an architecture and construction company, we have architects and quantity surveyors capable of developing the complete new building project that our clients need and of carrying out the project management of the work.

We take care of the execution of the works with a very professional construction team, guaranteeing the correct materialisation of the project in terms of budget, quality and deadline.

Integral reforms

For the service of integral reforms, from JPG estudio we exclusively execute the works of projects that we have developed ourselves. This is because when working on pre-existing spaces, it is crucial to have control of the project. Unforeseen events or improvement options will undoubtedly arise, which we must be prepared for and deal with in time, to ensure that the budget, the deadline and the quality of the work are not compromised. This is only possible through a seamless connection between all parts of the process, between the professionals involved, and through the commitment of all of them to the work being carried out. We are committed to offer a complete service of design and execution of your integral reform to guarantee the best possible result, within your budget, and with a well organised and controlled time frame. Our construction company has only one aim, and that is to guarantee that the projects we think so hard about are carried out correctly.

Therefore, we do not execute works in which we do not intervene in the architectural project process, but we offer a complete service to our clients to execute our projects, because we know that architectural project and work go hand in hand.

A well-designed and thought-out project is of no use if it is not executed correctly, and, in the same way, a good construction project is of no use if the architectural project behind it has not been thought out and adapted to the people who will enjoy it.

Modular or prefabricated houses

We also build the house of your dreams in a modular or prefabricated system.

Designed to suit you, designed to your needs

When we DESIGN YOUR HOUSE IN STEEL, each of our houses has a personalised, singular and unique design, we always include the most modern trends in this and materials, in different styles: modern, rustic, …. In our design we try to meet the needs and preferences of our clients.

Our construction techniques

Our constructions are based on the Steel Framing system, an ecological construction technique that optimises costs and shortens construction times, providing significant savings in terms of economy and energy, all to create homes where you can enjoy the best moments of leisure and relaxation in a family environment.

Different, trendy,
vanguardist and customised

Vanguard designs

Each and every one of our houses has a very personal, singular and unique design, incorporating the latest advances and materials, in different styles: modern, rustic, purist... All our designs are the result of our clients' expectations and our experience. We will ensure that the home we design is customised to your tastes and preferences. Our mission will be to make your new house your future home.

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