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Hi, I'm Juan Pablo, your Architect

I’m Juan Pablo García, Architect – Technical Architect and founder of JPG.
My team and I are specialised on designing and building residential properties.

We build designed homes for clients with all types of income.

We are a great team made up of construction professionals: Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers, Designers, Bricklayers, Installers …

WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING …….. from the beginning of the design and negotiations with the Administration, to the construction of the fully built house.

Forget your concerns and leave everything in our hands !

Word of mouth is our best presentation, and all this is due to the success of our clients.

You can read the reviews that people write about us on Google, social media, construction websites such as Habitissimo …….

TRUST ME, and let us help you DESIGN YOUR DREAM ……..

What TYPE of construction
would you prefer?

We build houses in traditional, prefabricated and modular.
We know the pros and cons of each of them.

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We take

If you need it, we will find a land, design your house, build it, and manage any administrative paperwork.

made-to-measure designs

Together with your help, we will design your dream home. We have a team of great professionals who will help you to design both the interior and exterior of your home.

of houses

We have a selection of more than 60 houses (and adding more), so you can get fresh ideas for your home.

Traditional, prefabricated and modular

Proven expertise and experience in any type of efficient housing construction.

for late delivery

We are very confident of our delivery time, that we have a clause in the contract that penalises us PER DAY if we are late in the final execution of your house.

We will adapt to

You can contract with us TURNKEY AT A CLOSED PRICE so from the beginning you know, without changes, the exact cost of your house.


We are a great team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience, working for both the public and private sectors.


We have received positive reviews on internet, social media and platforms such as Habitissimo, which endorse our work performed very well.

We don't build houses.

We design dreams

Dreams we have made come true

Because dreams come true, and as evidence of this we leave you with a selection of some of them ….

Properties portfolio

Model Octavio

784,00 m2
6 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 746.933,00 €

Model Lucio

784,00 m2
6 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 746.933,00 €

Model Gaspar

814,00 m2
6 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 805.650,00 €

Model Bastián

600,00 m2
5 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
2 toilets
Price: 577.980,00 €

Model Baltasar

448,50 m2
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 460.185,00 €

Model Adán

165,50 m2
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Price: 182.390,00 €

Model Cora

338,80 m2
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 306.108,00 €

Model Cira

153,05 m2
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Price: 189.433,00 €

Model Ariel

340,95 m2
5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
Price: 322.902,50 €

Model Saba

237,00 m2
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 243.423,00 €

Model Magdalena

228,30 m2
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 260.000,50 €

Model Lea

154,90 m2
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 157.858,50 €

Model Kristen

177,85 m2
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 217.893,20 €

Model Ginebra

212,00 m2
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Price: 205.480,50 €

Model Frida

225,90 m2
5 bedrooms
1 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 213.902,00 €

Model Fiona

228,20 m2
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Price: 234.043,50 €

Model Hada

214,50 m2
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Price: 284.810,00 €

Model Elda

240,00 m2
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 245.990,00 €

Model Dafne

224,00 m2
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Price: 267.450,00 €

Model Dulce

216,00 m2
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1 toilet
Price: 276.460,00 €

What do you need to know before starting your house and how can we help you?

Advisory and previous studies

We meet. Face to face. We explain EVERYTHING you need to know before buying a plot of land, the costs of the project, construction and administrative fees; we will resolve all your doubts, and we will help you in everything that is in our hands.

Project design, development and follow-up

At this stage, you will have already told us what you want and how. Here, our team will start to design proposals until we find the one you like and which best suits your needs. We will work on the project, and we will take care of all the necessary licensing procedures so that we can start the work as soon as possible.

Construction at a closed price

Once we have the building permit, we will “get to work”. We take care that you have all the supplies and services of the house. NO WORRIES, it's that easy. We deliver the house completely finished within the agreed period. 100% Guaranteed.

Numbers that give confidence



0 /5

0 /10


Numbers that give confidence

0 /5
0 /10
Clients' reviews
I had my house built 7 months ago.... Very happy with the result and during the construction they helped us a lot in everything. They even came to our house to show us materials to see which ones we liked. All facilities. I hope they continue to do as well, because they are very good people.
Jorge Carretero
I contacted Juan Pablo, to design and refurbish a space for my company and it has turned out spectacular. Delighted with the work he has done. Serious and formal. I don't usually leave reviews on any site but when they work very, very well, I like people to know so they can trust them.
I am a very detailed person and I don't like botched jobs. I had heard good things about JPG projects but I didn't trust them until I saw how they worked. Well, I must say that I can not put a single but. I am delighted with the integral reform that I have done. They even brought more light to an area of the house that needed it. One hundred percent recommendable. In addition Juan Pablo is very friendly and professional.
My company collaborates with Juan Pablo's, and we have been working together for 7 years and I hope for many more. They do our projects for us and all with very modern designs and details that our clients love... you can tell they like what they do. They also lend us a hand in the works when we are short of staff, as the workers they have, especially Adrián, we love the way they work. I forgot, the projects are delivered in 30 days, and that speed is also appreciated. I hope it goes well for many years to come...and that you can count on us, of course!
Nicasio Bermúdez
They take care of everything.... is worth it.... Quality - Price a 10. They are economical because in addition to the Architectural Studio, they have their own construction company. They are doing a steel framing house for us. I see that everyone in the reviews speaks well of Juan Pablo, but we are being treated by Joaquín, also an architect, and very friendly and not a single problem.
Alberto José
I contracted with them a turnkey construction for a house in pozuelo in January 2021, and despite the rise in prices, they have respected the budget. So far so good, they have already given us the building permit and in less than 20 days they had already started with the work. easy payments and they help a lot with everything. they are several architects, we are dealing with Juan Pablo, and I recommend him if you contract with them.
Nuria Agudo
With JPG I have carried out a project that I didn't think was possible, the complete refurbishment of a building at a relatively low cost and quality. The best thing for me has been leaving everything in their hands and not having to worry about licenses, permits, etc... Ah, he accepts your proposals. That is to say, listen to your opinion and think about whether it is possible or not. It happened to me with other companies that as soon as I proposed something out of the ordinary (such as using lime as a building material) they looked at me strangely. In the case of JPG this was not the case, they listened carefully and gave me their opinion.
Ibor Rodríguez Rodríguez

The Professional Constructor plays a multi-functional role throughout the development and construction of a project. Some of the attributes are listed below:

The Client. The architect’s priority is to manage the client’s programme of needs, which is why he is the one who best knows the spatial needs of his project.

Training. The architect is a technician with the training and experience to design, coordinate and manage building projects. He knows how to optimise the available space, considering environmental care and achieving optimum value with minimum resources.

Creativity. Before presenting a proposal, the architect explores all the alternatives that adapt to the needs and budget of each client, therefore, he evaluates the economic and functional viability of his project.

The Technique. The architect, with his knowledge and experience in design, has the best conditions to present alternatives. A well-designed and constructively materialised project will be more sustainable and will require less maintenance costs.

Administration. The advantage of managing a budget is to know how much will be spent, how the money will be used and to avoid unforeseen expenses. The definition of the project and the control during the development are key to the success of your project.

Responsibility. During the construction process, the architect ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the project and solves any unforeseen problems. In addition, he has the backing of a surety company for the issuing of guarantees.

Materials. The architect produces plans and specifications, selecting materials and finishes according to their quality, beauty, durability and cost. He can offer, depending on the budget, many alternatives

Procedures. The architect is familiar with the bureaucratic procedures before government agencies and the administrative management of each project. This facilitates the management of licences, current insurance and compliance with regulations.

Follow-up. After building your project, you can count on the appropriate and precise support for the preventive maintenance of your assets.

To know the approximate cost of a construction will vary greatly according to the following variables:

The land. where is it, what type of soil is it, etc.

The size. How many m2 will there be, are they built, are they green areas, etc.?

The construction system. Block walls or bricks? steel or concrete beams? etc.

The finishes. Tiling, floors, doors, doors, paint, markings, etc.

Documentation. Formalities with the municipality, subdivision, social security, trade union, etc.

To know the estimation of this cost you can do it with our ONLINE QUOTE

The land. Knowing the dimensions, the type of soil and the restrictions that a property may have are conditioning factors for the project, knowing them is a point that you can use to your advantage.

The project. Carried out by a construction professional, these are the technical documents where the distribution of the spaces, dimensions and qualities are set out.

The budget and planning. It is vital that before starting you plan together with the architect how the work is going to be developed and plan it in stages, with this you will be able to organise yourself in expenses and purchase of materials, a good planning translates into peace of mind and savings.

The paperwork. It may sound simple, but you need to have some papers in order, such as:

Urban Development Certificate of the Plot.

Topographical Study.

Geotechnical Study.

Application for water, electricity and sewerage connections.

Application for Building Licence.


It will mark the whole project and design of the house.

It is not a mortgageable asset on its own, although it can be financed through loans.


It is drawn up by the architect according to the plot, the proposed design and the materials chosen, in accordance with the regulations. Essential to go ahead.


In order to be able to apply for building permits (and therefore the necessary electricity and water) it is necessary to present the architect’s project. This is the legal authorisation to build.


In order to qualify for a mortgage for self-promotion, we must present the architect’s project and the municipal building permit. At present, 80% of the value of the property plus land is usually granted.


Once the building licence has been obtained, the construction of the property can begin. The future owner acts as the developer and shares responsibility with the construction company.


In self-promotion, work is usually carried out on the basis of construction certificates. Each month, it is assessed that the signed construction has been completed and payment is made. The end of work certification marks the conclusion of the project.

Completion of the work

With the completion certificate and the registration in the land registry we can apply for the licence of first occupation. The municipal architect will assess that the regulations have been complied with.


We invite you to see our updated Building Specifications, where you can choose from one of the different options we offer (BASIC – MEDIUM – HIGH – PREMIUM – LUXURY).

We also give you the option to personalise YOUR OWN HOME, according to your NEEDS.

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