Architecture and Design

When considering carrying out a project, it is necessary to take into account the previous work that is essential to be able to plan the best possible version of the space available.

Even to the smallest detail

This is the architectural project, in which the project is analysed and designed from the general to the particular, taking into account all the details and options, managing to take into account such important aspects as efficiency and sustainability, distribution, functionality, comfort and optimisation, materials, finishes and costs. It is developed through two or three staggered projects depending on the complexity of the work: Preliminary architectural project, basic architectural project and architectural execution project.

We design architectural spaces based on the requirements of our clients such as styles, spaces and their functioning, to the size they require and with the characteristics that provide them with comfort to enjoy their spaces. We take care of every detail to ensure that they are spaces that the end user enjoys.

Stages of an architectural

Advisory and previous studies

We meet. Face to face. We explain EVERYTHING you need to know before buying a plot of land, the costs of the project, construction and administrative fees; we will resolve all your doubts, and we will help you in everything that is in our hands.

Project design, development and follow-up

At this stage, you will have already told us what you want and how. Here, our team will start to design proposals until we find the one you like and which best suits your needs. We will work on the project, and we will take care of all the necessary licensing procedures so that we can start the work as soon as possible.

Construction at a fixed price

Once we have the building permit, we will get down to work. We make sure that you have all the supplies and services of the house. NO WORRIES, it's that easy. We deliver the property completely finished within the agreed period. 100% Guaranteed.

We want to meet you.
You and your project

At JPG Arquitectura y Construcción, we invest time in getting to know you and empathising with your needs.

We adapt the project to you, because the aim of our architecture is to create spaces of well-being for the people who live in them. We will always offer you the most suitable solution and the best possible version of the project, and we will analyse alternative options until we find the right fit in terms of form, efficiency, comfort and cost for the project you want.

Our work consists of thinking, designing and executing spaces that generate wellbeing, happiness, comfort… functional and multi-purpose spaces specifically designed for a client and for a way of life or use.

We will be delighted to be able to work for you and with you, and to embark on the precious path that will lead to the project that you need.

Ask for a quote

Design and interior design

A professional service in which we take care of all the details to obtain the best version of your space. We take care of the furnishing, decoration and styling, from the design of the proposal, to the final selection of finishes, materials and elements, management of purchases and the development of works and assemblies. Everything you need to make your space comfortable, functional and welcoming with a professional design.

Interior design

Our Architecture and Construction studio integrates into its structure the extensive experience and knowledge of the interior design team, seeking to eliminate the fine line that separates architecture and interior design.
In each project, we contribute an exquisite selection of pieces and elements that make our houses unique spaces.
We put at your service the selection of the best professionals in each field: interior design, architecture, landscaping and construction to achieve a compact, coordinated and coherent result.

As main points or criteria that guide our work, and specifically our interior design projects, we highlight:


As a tool to improve people's lives, design must provide wellbeing. Our first objective is always to meet the needs of our clients and to create spaces of well-being.


Every interior design project has an objective. From the search for comfort in a home to the possible search for movement in a public space for example. Focusing on residential or general service projects, we like to talk about visual and sensorial comfort. All the details, textures, materials and their combination are fundamental for an atmosphere of general comfort that we understand to be fundamental.


We think about functionality at all times. We create flexible and versatile spaces that are fundamental in today's way of life, and by modifying spaces or adapting them to different uses we run the risk of losing their functionality. The design of the spaces must take into account the possible variations of the space, always favouring a good functionality in its use.


In order to guarantee the optimisation of resources and space, it is necessary to see the project as a whole. An optimised space is twice as big, twice as useful, twice as aesthetic. Optimisation is therefore one of the most important criteria we apply at JPG estudio, and we use it as a tool for saving space and money, and as a means of creating aesthetic spaces.